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The same energy and passion needed to successfully launch a nonprofit is not the same energy and passion that will keep it moving forward. The way you got here today is not what will get you where you want to be tomorrow. Scaling an organization takes something more. Most organizations can feel the truth of this playing out in daily operations. You are stretched—your staff is too. Funding has only held steady rather than grown. Your programs and processes aren’t flexible or dynamic. You may have ideas for moving forward, but you aren’t sure if they will work. Overwhelmed would be a fitting descriptor for your current state.

I’ve been in your shoes.

After successfully surviving and growing through this exact scenario managing a nonprofit, I started my own business to help leaders in the way I needed help. Because I’ve been there, I know that scaling an operation requires the ability to think on a large, visionary level as well as at a detailed, execution level. That’s why I can help other leaders and organizations navigate through difficult times and decisions to experience growth.

I have the privilege of partnering with leaders who are doing incredible, life-changing work around the globe. If you need help growing into your leadership role, solving a complex problem, or taking your organization to the next level, I’d love to schedule an initial meeting. Together, we can ensure your vision makes the greatest impact for the most people.

—Sherry Quam Taylor
Founder, Quam Taylor


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